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When skating dreams are infinite, the Eclipse Infinity helps skaters soar to the next level. The 8 foot radius helps increase skater speed while straight cut aggressive rakes offer secure engagement. Designed to achieve greater transfer of energy with maximum control, the Eclipse Infinity will help freestyle skaters exceed their goals.

Get to know Eclipse Blades... Eclipse Blades are produced using the best combination of time-honored tradition and state-of-the-art technology for the most consistent skating edges available today. Laser cutting and precision post heated-treated profiling allow for finer tolerances. Automated chrome relief finishing, computer-controlled soldering, full silver welds, and multi-process polishing ensure a sleek and beautiful finish. Eclipse Blades must be custom sharpened to skaters' desired radius of hollow prior to use.

Be sure to visit the Eclipse Blades website for detailed product specifications and information about Eclipse's exclusive Skater Guarantee.


* Rocker: 8'

* Suggested radius of hollow: 7/16"

* Blade Style: Parallel

* Measured in 1/4" increments

* Match your Infinity blade with a Riedell boot for the ultimate performance
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