Paramount Blade's hollow and profile is machined with high accuracy. Other companies create their profiles by hand, so those profiles may vary significantly from blade to blade. With our CNC machining, our blades are made with much higher accuracy. Paramount has profiles that are comparable to the Pattern 99, Gold Seal, Phantom, Coronation Ace, and MK Professional Blades. These profiles are just manufactured more accurately than those same original blades due to the accuracy of Paramount's machining process.

420C (7 elements) and 440C (8 elements) Stainless Steel is much stronger than regular carbon steel blades and will hold an edge much longer between sharpenings. Therefore, blade life is increased dramatically as well as being more durable. 440C Stainless Steel is manufactured at 9 times the cost of carbon steel. However, our blades are not more expensive than leading competitors.

These blades, being up to 50 percent lighter and stronger... Combine these blades with some of the new lightweight boots on the market and lose up to 5lbs per skater. The extra strong, lightweight, one-piece aluminum construction is virtually unbreakable. The rocker profiles of the freestyle blades are the same as the Pattern 99 and the Gold Seal Blades. The profile and width of our Dance blade is similar to the MK Gold Dance Blade.

These blades are CNC machined with high accuracy making every blade precise and identical. Unlike hand-made blades, our blades are all exact requiring no adjustment period between blade sets. You no longer need to re-learn how to skate on a "new" pair of blades because our tolerances are the tightest in the industry. Enjoy the perfection of Paramount Skate Blades.
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